After we have finished the problem sets, is there a place where we can view the cs50 staff solution of a program? Sometimes i feel that there may be a more elegant way to solve a problem, but was unsure what it would be.


While it would be educational to see the solution from a professional, having PSET solutions floating around on the web would encourage cheating, so I doubt this is ever going to happen. Maybe exchange code with fellow students instead through PM (after dec 31).

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    I would also think about the skill-set of the person who's code would be reviewed. It maybe best to ensure that after the assignments completed, review with somebody of similar programming abilities.
    – Wayne
    Jun 9 '14 at 5:30

Personally speaking, I dont really think that we do really need to peek into the solution code to even check our code and/or improve it. In case you have a query related to your code, CS50's got a facebook group, a subreddit, and a twitter # , and Now , a whole StackExchange. And after all the social networks are said and done, there exists a really nice command termed the check50. We all know that we're doing the CS50x for learning and I really don't think we'll be able to learn much if we peek into others solutions every now and then.One can only learn when one does something himself and hence, I'd recommend not even using google for finding the solution to your problem. As for the elegance of your algorithm,** it's your code**, your implementation, and there's always a better way of doing things, so, give your best to it, and see if you get that feeling of happiness when youv'e completed the code

So, in short, the answer is "You Don't find solution code"


It is not reasonable to poke into codes..if you are facing any problem you can ask in facebook, reditt or twitter here m adding a link for the facebook group.. <https://www.facebook.com/groups/cs50/> This will help you a lot!

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