Am getting an inverted fish after gliding towards one end. Though I used the same code. Kindly get back to me.In_tutorial In_my_example_program


I don't exactly know why but you can always make it rotate180 degree. So i would put a rotate 180 degree command at the start of the script. That should work.

Or an alternative is to go into costumes for that fish and using the icon that looks like a hand in front of a square, select by dragging across and use the very top circle to rotate it, then save and it should work fine.

Thats all I can say. Neil

  • Nope they too aren't working! What would be the cause? I was trying to do it in costumes as you mentioned, then its facing on the another direction. We can merge two sprites with broadcasting. I can manage to do that since I made another replica of fish pointing the opposite direction as you suggested. But my point is,I want to make sure of the cause behind this. If not possible how could it has been run in the video? Kindly bare with me and clear this!
    – krish_93
    Jun 26 '15 at 11:29

The only other way i can think to fix this would be by going into costumes and selecting the plus sign looking one, and it should bring up a huge plus across the costume. The middle of the plus is your costumes centre point, try bringing in to the middle if it isn't already. And then use the rotate 180 degree command.


Ok, so what you are trying to do is make the fish go back after hitting the edge without turning upside-down am I right?

To do this you must "Set the rotation style" differently. Perhaps if you take a look on those examples here it may help you ;)

If this was helpful at all, please give it a go at the check-mark! :)

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