I downloaded VMWare Workstation on my laptop but then got a new computer. Downloaded it to the new computer but now there is a month long trial period only, instead of 365 days. Anyone know how I can get around this without creating a fake account and re-downloading? It expires in 6 days and I'm still stuck on pset1! thanks

  • Have you tried using the key that you used for the appliance at your old PC?
    – ChrisG
    Commented Jul 3, 2015 at 7:00
  • i couldn't even download the workstation. i'm getting a 'username/password invalid message' when i try to access the link. I had to download this 30 day long version Commented Aug 3, 2015 at 23:50

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You need to sign into the VmWare Software Center for CS50x as you did originally (following these instructions). Once you have signed in, if you go to your account settings, you should find your prior "purchase" with the key you were given.

That key should still be valid until the end of 2015.

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