I can't unzip the cs50 library,any suggestion?

Last login: Sun Jul  5 15:00:45 on ttys000
Daniels-MBP:Users danielsullivan$ unzip  library50-c-5.zip
unzip:  cannot find or open library50-c-5.zip, library50-c-5.zip.zip or library50-c-5.zip.ZIP.
Daniels-MBP:Users danielsullivan$ 

this is what I get in my terminal.


Before you try to unzip the library, do you actually have the file on your computer? Have you verified it with ls command, or find -name library50*?

My guess is that the file is not on your system. Check the website at https://manual.cs50.net/library/ for instructions.

You can also search this forum for library50 for additional info.

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  • I should also mention I'm working off of a Mac and not a PC. I do have the file downloaded to my Mac. Thank You for your help. Jul 6 '15 at 17:01

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