When I tried to return newGRect instead of rect in this case and compiled my whole program, I got the message of Segmentation fault. May I know why? Also, may someone tell me where to find a comprehensive note on 'return'?

//adapted from http://cs50.stackexchange.com/questions/1339/how-to-return-a-grect-from-initpaddle/1341?noredirect=1#comment12162_1341
// create a new GRect
GRect rect = newGRect(x, y, width, height); 
// do something to rect
return rect;

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I would suggest that you visit the CS50 Study page for Functions to get a good basic understanding of how functions work, what it means to return etc. There are several slides, examples, and videos to help you.

Essentially, in your example, you are create a new GRect called 'rect' and then returning that object ('rect') to the calling function (which in this case will be main). In main you probably have something like

GRect paddle = initPaddle(window);

and then, your initPaddle function will include those lines you have pasted in your question.

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