I have recently finished cs50 on edx, i need help regarding the final project such as how it should be done and some simple ideas that can be performed in the final project. I am thinking about a simple web app that is similar to pset finance.

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    In my opinion your final project should be something that you yourself will find useful in your life or the others around you. It doesn't have to be something really complicated, just something that will make the world a little better place to live in.
    – ChrisG
    Jul 16, 2015 at 9:36

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There's instructions at https://cdn.cs50.net/2015/x/project/project.html

All that we ask is that you build something of interest to you, that you solve an actual problem, that you impact your community, or that you change the world. Strive to create something that outlives this course.


I absolutely ended up making a final project that was closely based on Problem Set 8 ("Mashup").

I had some other ideas, all of which would have been more time-consuming (and some of which I plan to do in the near future just to build up my portfolio) but this idea was the obvious choice. "Solve an actual problem, impact your community, change the world." Check!

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