I'm new to Scratch and have some problems with movement of sprites.

When the sprites move horizontally, it works well. But, when I try moving them diagonally, it warks only sometimes.

Here's my project, thanks in advance.



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In your're script window, when the Scratch game is running, you can actually see what script is running. From this, you can see that the Dragon is not moving to the original position because "when I receive 'MoveD'" script remains active, even after "Hippo" starts to move back. This is, most likely, because the Hippo touches first the Dragon, it sends "Change D" signal, so "when I receive 'ChangeD'" script starts, blocks the Dragon in that position, will not touch the Hippo so the "when I receive 'MoveD'" script does not stops because the Dragon doesn't touch the Hippo.

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