I would like to get on with CS50 problem set 1, but keep getting this message when I download and try to open the .dmg files, and as you can see its the sae for Virtual Box. Can anyone help? I am stuck untill I can upload one of them! Thanks!

enter image description here

This is my current mac info:

enter image description here

  • Have you downloaded both the VMware Fusion, and the CS50 appliance disk image for VMware but you can't import it?
    – ChrisG
    Jul 27 '15 at 12:16
  • Make sure you are following those instructions by letter, for example why do you use the VMware Fusion 6 instead of 7? manual.cs50.net/appliance/2014/fusion
    – ChrisG
    Jul 27 '15 at 12:18
  • I moved onto Virtual Box as I downloaded Fusion 7 through Chrome instead of Firefox, after uninstalling the other VMware Fusion, and it kept saying File Not Found. I am now stuck as on Vitrual Box I could not see an option to check DCHP server, and I followed the instructions to the letter, and now I can't find the jharvard directory Jul 29 '15 at 11:43

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