I want to install windows 10.

But am unsure if VMWare will work with windows 10? Additionally how can i back up the files i have created on it and re-add them to VMWare when i re-install it ?

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If you use Dropbox to store your source code files, even if something goes wrong, you will still have them backed up on the cloud (i.e. Dropbox). So you will, by no chance, lose your source code files.

If you plan to upgrade your current windows installation you will probably won't face any problems, especially if you are upgrading from windows 8/8.1. I did the same last week and had no problem. Your VMWare/VirtualBox installation will be intact and so will be the appliance. Just make sure to not change the option to keep your personal files and settings while upgrading.

On the other hand if you are going to make a clean installation, that is wipe/format your hard disk to install windows from scratch you will lose the VMWare/VirtualBox installation and your appliance virtual image. You will have to install it from the beginning, but you will still have access to your code from Dropbox.

  • What about windows 7 to windows 10 ? You mention from windows 8 - is there a difference going from 7?
    – user7869
    Aug 6, 2015 at 21:31
  • I've read some articles saying that there were some slight glitches but you will probably be alright. It's just that I have tried with windows 8.1 so I can reassure you.
    – ChrisG
    Aug 6, 2015 at 21:45

Actually you don't need to loose anything if you want to wipe your pc for a fresh windows 10 installation. VMWare and VirtualBOx are tools mature enough to allow you to backup your virtual machines files. You just need a large storage like an usb hard disk because your image may be more than 16gb so no space enough in a common usb key. In VirtualBox you can just copy your VM files and later create a new VM using those existing files. I've never used VMWare so not 100% sure on that. But u can easily find these backup steps on google. Best luck! :)

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