Why would my grade show a different result than check50?

I uploaded PSET4 and all was well except the grade shows a frown (and 0 points) next to ":( resizes 1x1-pixel BMP to 2x2 correctly when n is 2" but all other items are smileys. I've rechecked my zip file against my originals and all is correct. I re-ran check50 and the results show all is correct (see below):

jharvard@appliance (~/Dropbox/pset4/bmp): check50 2014.fall.pset4.resize resize.c bmp.h
:) resize.c and bmp.h exist
:) resize.c compiles
:) doesn't resize 1x1-pixel BMP when n is 1
:) resizes 1x1-pixel BMP to 2x2 correctly when n is 2
:) resizes 1x1-pixel BMP to 3x3 correctly when n is 3
:) resizes 1x1-pixel BMP to 4x4 correctly when n is 4
:) resizes 1x1-pixel BMP to 5x5 correctly when n is 5
:) resizes 2x2-pixel BMP to 4x4 correctly when n is 2
jharvard@appliance (~/Dropbox/pset4/bmp):

If you are getting 100% success from running check50 locally, you should resubmit your pset. There have been issues in the past with this. It has sometimes been overloaded servers and there have been bugs in the software before, which should now be fixed. If on resubmitting (your latest submission is always the only one that counts in your grade), it is still failing, then report it to one of the moderators or staff.

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  • Thank you. It took resubmitting a couple times, but the results finally matched.
    – Bhurgh
    Sep 10 '15 at 13:24

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