I am running the appliance in Windows and I installed the Google Earth plugin in the Windows Chrome browser. When I open pset8's index.html in the appliance Chrome browser I am getting an error that reads:

The Google Earth Plugin is currently only available on Windows and Mac OS X 10.6+.

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This is why the pset says to use Chrome outside the appliance.

If you don’t have it installed on your computer already (outside of the appliance, not inside of the appliance), download and install the latest version of Chrome


Now head to the URL below using a browser on your own computer (outside of the CS50 Appliance), where w.x.y.z is your appliance’s IP address (which should be displayed in the appliance’s bottom-right corner), and each of w, x, y, and z is thus a number between 0 and 255:


You should see University Hall!

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