I have written pset4's resize.c and it took me a while to find the bug in my code. All I want to ask is what is the difference between bi.biHeight and abs(bi.biHeight)? With bi.biHeight some cases work, with abs(bi.biHeight) all cases work?

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Height of a bmp image can be negative- if the image is stored top to bottom. When figuring out the size of the image, negative doesn't make sense, so it should be the absolute value of the height.


As per reference from msdn


can be negative or positive so to avoid that and to make sure that we always get a positive value we use


read more about bitmaps on msdn BITMAPINFOHEADER structure

here we using that value to manipulate height headers and height can't be negative so


always gives us a positive value and we have no problem and it always works. but if you don't use abs(bi.biHeight); it may give a negative value and when you got a negative value it won't work and when you get a positive value (when you're lucky) it works

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