I am running CS50 appliance at home using VMware with no apparent problems, but also at work (where I spend most of my time) on a Windows XP system using virtualbox. I think the the dropbox daemon is blocked at work (works fine at home). So I do not have the option of saving directly to dropbox from within the appliance at work. What I would like to do is to save them to my work computer and then manually transfer to dropbox, from which I can pickup and use on my home computer (for those late night pset sessions).

I could really use some help saving the files manually. From the CS50 appliance manual, it gives 2 alternatives to dropbox.

1) SFTP using WINSCP: No idea how to set this up

2) "Mounting" in which I used: \\w.x.y.z\jharvard (where w.x.y.z is the appliance’s IP address,) which returned an error "windows cannot find etc".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think I figured out how to use WINSCP. Use the appliance IP address as the "host" and the given username: jharvard and password: crimson And that's it! You can see your files and directories from the appliance and drag anywhere to your computer.

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