It has been 3 days now after I submitted pset0. I received an email that I have successfully submitted pset0, but where could I confirm it o edx and when would I receive my grades? And an I submit pset1 before getting Pset0 grades?

  • Also remember to submit the form. If you don't submit the form your pset doesn't get graded. Info from Rob Bowden.
    – i_am_david
    Aug 14, 2015 at 17:48

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It usually takes up to two weeks for your submissions to get graded. Sometimes they can be graded even within days. If more than two weeks have passed you may want to send an email to Rob Bowden at [email protected] with your edX name and email and also a description of your problem. You can check whether your submission has been grated at http://apps.cs50.edx.org/cs50x/2015/@/gradebook after you log-in with your credentials. If this answers your question please accept it by clicking the gray check-mark to the left, so that it becomes green. You can also vote it up by pressing the up arrow above the check-mark.

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