I'm currently located in China and taking the CS50 class. Most things work fine; however, the CS50 Appliance is FAR too large of a download for me to get in any reasonable amount of time here. Edge is telling me I'm looking at a 8 hour and 15 minute download. In the week 1 lecture continued, it was mentioned that the CS50 appliance is just Ubuntu Linux with gedit installed. My computer already has an Ubuntu 14.04 installation on a separate partition. Is there any particular reason why I couldn't just install gedit on Ubuntu and get things like the CS50 libraries separately? In just writing this post, the download time has actually gone UP to 8 and a half hours, so not having to download another OS to run in a virtual machine would be greatly appreciated.


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If you go to the official link for the CS50 appliance, you can see all the steps you have to follow to install it in your computer. You will need two files.

  1. A virtual machine like VMWare or Virtual Box
  2. The appliance image file

Since your connection is so slow, you would be better of downloading the appliance image through torrent, the link for which is this (http://mirror.cs50.net/appliance50/2014/releases/29/appliance50-2014-vmware.ova.torrent).

If you don't want to download the appliance but just the libraries, that's possible too, but only for the first 5 of 8 psets and you will still have to download the libraries used in every pset and the tools used for compilation and debugging. The rest will need from you to install a server in your Ubuntu installation, and plus you will have to configure it to be like the course's. So I think your best bet is to download the appliance through torrent and have everything ready. You can pause it and restart it as you see fit and will probably be faster.

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