I submitted my empty pset3 folder by mistake in May at cs50x Submit, filled the form at https://www.cs50.net/forms/psets/3/ and got a email notification too.

Later on 19-may-2014 I resubmitted my whole pset3.zip but I didn't complete the form again as it was required just once, as directed.

But my pset3 is still ungraded. If it's because I didn't complete the form at https://www.cs50.net/forms/psets/3/, then I would like to mention that this link now redirects me to a Harvard PIN login page.

I am using the appliance for all of my login and form submitting work, and even though I solved a few of the following psets, I am not submitting them because of this weird redirection thing.

So, did I do something wrong or is it server related stuff? What should I do to make this right?

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Be patient, it'll take a while but it will be graded (it took about a month to me).


Don't worry about the wrong submission and you don't have to resubmit the form again. You may drop Robert Bowden a note at [email protected] about the ungraded psets providing your edX email and name.

  • yups .. ;) n thnk u for rob's contact Jun 19, 2014 at 21:24

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