I'm taking CS50x self-paced through edX. I'm unable to find the Problem Set 0. There is one link they have provided, But "Problem Set 0" is disabled. Can anybody tell me from where can I get problem sets or do I have to wait for the next session which is going to be started in feb 2016.

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Go here (https://courses.edx.org/courses/HarvardX/CS50x3/2015/courseware/), sign in with your EdX account username/password, and on the left you will see a menu with each week's lessons and problem sets. pset0 is under Week 1. Direct URL to the pset specification: http://cdn.cs50.net/2015/x/psets/0/pset0/pset0.html

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  • Why pset0 is in week 1 why not in Week0.
    – user8269
    Aug 26, 2015 at 17:56
  • It's just the way they have organized the material. It takes an introductory lecture to import you in Computer Science and then the fun begins. This also happens on later psets, where there are extra lectures before the problem.
    – ChrisG
    Aug 26, 2015 at 17:57

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