I received this error while trying to set up VirtualBox on a MacBook Pro to use with CS50 Appliance 2014. It doesn't match the other errors listed in the CS50 manual.

I had received the adapter error first; fixed that; then was starting the appliance again.

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The current version of VirtualBox (5.0.2) has an error.

If you're getting this message, first choice is to use an older version listed on the VirtualBox website.

If you are brave and willing to work with "test" software, the ticket open for this error has a link to download a test version of VirtualBox containing the fix:


Look for the part that says:

Changed 12 days ago by frank Thanks! Could you try the new OS X test build from here?

Note: the link here is to a test version. The next release version of VirtualBox should contain the fix. When that new version is available, use it instead!

  • To confirm, I got the same error with trying to install ubuntu on a new VB on macbook pro. It installed on 4.3 successfully.
    – ChrisF
    Aug 29, 2015 at 19:36

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