I am new to CS50! So I am just looking for project ideas that I can actually do at a medium level difficulty. Don't want to get too bogged down with the project itself! Please help!



You probably may browse some projects on Scratch to get inspired. Here are some projects made by CS50 students this year. I think I'm not a good game developer. So I thought about stimulating something in the real life. I made this!


You could do a simple maze :) Scratch is very intuitive, you could literaly do anything that comes to mind. Good luck


I made a simple Whack-A-Mole.

Rapidfire suggestions:
1. Racing game
2. 'Tanks' game (I suggest don't overcomplicate things... make only like 8 directions.)
3. Minesweeper? Actually pretty simple to implement. You just have to check the player pos.
4. Check out some cool projects here
5. Check out my project (the Whack-A-Mole) for inspiration!


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