In pset 5 David gave us his SD card's card.raw file to recover deleted JPEG images from.

What are these .raw disk images and how can we build them to create practice problems similar to pset 5 for solving similar forensic questions in coding competitions?

  • Thank you @Baluchi. I think .raw is almost the same as .iso (sorry this is the only way I found I could explain it. I'm still on pset0). So probably you might have to mount the file.
    – crack64
    Jun 22, 2014 at 14:35

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The .raw disk image is one of various virtual hard disk file types.

One way to create raw disk images is using the open source project OSFClone, which is a bootable CDROM or USB that creates raw images from existing hard disks.


You may also use the Linux command dd to do a bytewise copy of a disk.

Please type "man dd" from your terminal to learn about copy options.


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