Similar questions asked many times but I'm working on this endlessly without success so need your help

void sort(int values[], int n)
    // TODO: implement an O(n^2) sorting algorithm
    int i,j,k,tmp;

    for(j = 0; j < n-1; j++)
        for(i = 0; i < n-j-1; i++)
            if(values[i] > values[i+1])
    for (k = 0; k < n; k++)
        printf("no%d: %d",k,values[k]);

last printf indicates my list is not sorted. I am compiling find.c with generate.c


You have such a little mistake, but that mistake ruins all your work. Look here:

tmp = values[i];
values[i] = values[i+1];
values[i] = tmp;

The last line values[i] = tmp should be values[i+1] = tmp if you want to switch those two variables. I'm sure you knew this and this is just a typo.

I don't know why was your question downvoted. To me in looks like a really good question, much better than others I've seen. Good job with your code. Check for yourself if that fixes your problem.

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    I can't believe I made such a stupid typo . I thought I was swapping correctly so I didn't look that part. I was focusing loops all the time. Thank you very much, you're always helping! Sep 10 '15 at 19:18

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