I'm in week 8, starting "Problem Set 6: (Mispellings)". I would like to start working on my final project and my idea is to create an Android app that should include a chat, similar to the Tinder app but based in common interests. I have some background in Java/Android (just the basics) and I was wondering if creating such an app is achievable with what we are learning/going to learn in CS50. Is something like that too difficult at this level?

  • I'd use Google and give it a try! ;) – Kareem Jun 27 '14 at 5:53

Maybe no, maybe yes, now this is something that depends on your skills and well, it might as well take you some more time, but I think it's fun learning, so I personally highly recommend you learn the stuff. And as for help, I highly recommend you see existing apps and frameworks for help, for example, for using chat, see AirChat which you can probably modify or even recreate in a different way for your app, and do remember, if you use some existing app for inspiration, make sure you credit that to your final project.

Happy Coding!

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