I accidentally deleted the users table in pset7. Is there any way I can retrieve it.. I have no idea about sql so please guide through the entire process if possible. Thank you so much


Easy fix. The file pset7.sql has the DDL (Data Definition Language) script to create the database and the table, and to populate the table, if they don't exist. If they do exist, the script is written to skip that step. You probably have the file in your Download directory.

Simply go back to the pset7 instructions web page and follow the instructions on how to download and execute the pset7.sql file. It will restore the table in the database.

Worst case, if this doesn't solve your problem, or if there are other problems, then delete the database and start over. It may be a pain, but it will be the cleanest and easiest way to fix a number of issues that you might have.

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  • it fixed thxn so much man Oct 17 '15 at 6:46

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