I have tried solving the issues and looking for answers everywhere but mario doesn't compile. When I try to make mario, it shows me the error message below. I removed the ; in line 24 after such parenthesis but even after saving, it won't compile. Can anybody help me, please? Thanks! enter image description here


You are having a lot of structural problems involving the placement of curly braces, parentheses and semicolons. The misplacement of just one can set off a cascade of errors because of pairing and placement disruptions due to the first problem.

Without seeing actual code, we can't offer any advice, but it looks like you have a for loop setup statement that's not right, as well as missing a final closing curly brace.

You would benefit greatly by reviewing class material and shorts that describe how to set up a for loop, and how to structure a simple program with the curly braces (think "hello world!).

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  • Thank you for your help. Should I post a screenshot of the code? Thanks! – Anabetsy Oct 25 '15 at 2:59

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