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Hi guys, So I think that I finished my Mario project, but I'm not sure. To be more precise, I'm not to sure if my "spaces" or coded correctly. Like you can see, there is always a pretty big gap between my hashes and the end of the terminal (the gap becomes nil when you pick a value of 23). Is this what the result should like? Or did I do something wrong with the "spaces"? Please do not post any code to help me. I'd like to figure it out myself :)

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There are two obvious problems. First, the spacing is incorrect. The bottom line or base of the pyramid should have the first # in the first column of the row, not spaced over or indented in any way. Previous lines should have appropriate spacing to match. In other words, if the height is 2, then there should be only 1 leading space on the first line and none on the second.

Second, you shouldn't print out any extra messages, i.e., "Thank you, we are building your pyramid." Part of all of the assignment is learning to do exactly what the specification says, nothing more and nothing less. When you run check50 locally to check your output, it will look for exact output and will reject anything it doesn't like, including missing or extra spaces, characters, line feeds, prompts, etc. If the output isn't exactly what was called for, it won't pass.

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