I've been trying to do the initials program, I am able to get the first initial but not the rest of the initial after a ' '. Sarcastically, my program runs... but it comes out like this: enter image description here

This is a copy of the crazy code I've come up with.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <cs50.h>

    int main(void)
        char initial1;
        char y;
        string name;
        int x = 0;  

    //getting a persons name
    printf("please enter your name:\n");
    name = GetString();

   //code for getting 1st initial
   initial1 = name[0];

  // getting other initials 
   while (x == ' ')
        y = name[x] + 1;

   // output of initials
  printf("your initials are:%c and %c\n", initial1, y);


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A couple of things going on here.

You declare x as an int and initialize it to 0. Your while loop will run as long as x == ' '. The computer interprets this as "compare the value of x to the integer value of ascii space". The integer value of ascii space is 32. So, your while loop never executes, y is never initialized and thus produces junk in your printf.

Don't you want to test (iterate over) every character in name to detect all the spaces? A while loop may not be the best approach. You might consider a for loop.

Once you get your loop sorted, you might find yourself faced with a problem at y = name[x] + 1; This code will add 1 to whatever is the contents of name[x]. My guess is that is not the result you are after.

And remember, you want to display the initials in upper case.

Back to the drawing board!


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