I am just starting out on pset5 reviewing the speller.c code. Looks pretty straightforward however I don't entirely understand the following variable declaration:

char word[LENGTH + 1];

So I understand it is creating an array of chars called word of size LENGTH + 1.

My question is, where does LENGTH come from? I don't think LENGTH has been defined elsewhere in the code and it doesn't seem to be a reserved word either.

What it it doing and how?

Thanks, GRN


LENGTH is the maximum word length allowed. Have you looked in dictionary.h? I don't remember if it was already defined there in the downloaded version, but if it isn't already, you need to do so.

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  • Thanks cliff B. It is defined in dictionary.h like you said and this is mentioned later on in the problem spec too. My bad :) – GRN Nov 12 '15 at 6:01
  • No problem. It's a good lesson on where to look for something, and a reminder that code is often spread out across multiple files. – Cliff B Nov 12 '15 at 6:22
  • But why the debugger show it with no value ?? 'NO VALUE' – Nour Dec 19 '16 at 11:06
  • Why i it of size LENGTH + 1 instead of being of zice LENGTH - 1, because arrays are zero-indexed? LENGTH is defined as a global variable equal to 45. Why would you need to create an array of 46 elements to hold a word? – s.brody Jun 11 '17 at 17:55
  • When declaring an array, you need the number of elements in the array. Since the longest word is 45 chars, the array has to have at least 45 elements, numbered 0 to 44. Now, you're dealing with a string. That means you also need to deal with the end of string marker, \0. That accounts for the +1. So, 45 +1 = LENGTH +1 = 46. – Cliff B Jun 11 '17 at 18:55

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