I've downloaded the pset7.zip file as per the spec, but I can't get it to unzip. I've tried to unzip using both the unzip command in the terminal window as well as trying stuffit expander on my hard disk. In either case it will not unzip. Has anyone seen this or found a solution to this problem?

Thank you!

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Open the terminal, then update your appliance.


Once you update, go ahead and cd into the vhosts directory.

cd ~/vhosts

Go ahead and redownload the pset7 zipped file.

wget http://cdn.cs50.net/2014/fall/psets/7/pset7/pset7.zip

Now try unzipping the downloaded file.

unzip pset7.zip

To verify that the file successfully unzipped, go ahead and type ls then hit enter. You should see both a pset7.zip file as well as a pset7 directory.

If this doesn't work for you, please let us know exactly what error you're seeing.

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