I'm a beginner to coding, and I've completed psets 0 through 4 as of the 14th of November. Is it possible for me to complete the requirements before the 31st? If so, how much time will I have to dedicate towards the psets and the final project?


Could it be done? Possibly, assuming you spend all day every day working on CS50.

I'd probably suggest waiting until CS50 2015x begins on January 1st. The PSETs will likely be the same, so you'll be able to use your existing finished work. In the case that a PSET changes a bit, you can just edit your code and submit it again.

The PSETs do get a bit harder after PSET 4... Since you'll be jumping into writing C, PHP, SQL, HTML, and even JavaScript.

It definitely took me at least 1-2 weeks per PSET, but that's with holding a full time job.

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