I am working on pset5 dictionary.c, I had it working and now it is not. I have been tinkering with the code but every time I save dictionary.c and then execute make dictionary.c, the response is "nothing to be done for dictionary.c" even though I have made substantial changes. further, when I executed speller.c I continued to get the exact same results no matter how I changed my code. Suspicious, I deleted my entire load function and the program still ran successfully. I have restarted appliance and run update50 but still same issue. I have a macbook, vmware fusion. Any thoughts??


You don't make dictionary.c, or make dictionary. The correct command is make speller without the .c in the command. Then, the rules inside the make file will tell the system how to build the executable. Also, if you have successfully built the executable and try to rebuild without having changed and saved any of the files in the build, it will tell you that it is up to date.

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  • don't I feel stupid, I had an extended break from coursework and I'm afraid the its the simple things that are confounding me. Thanks Cliff. – Lulu Machete Nov 18 '15 at 13:24

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