Hello I have changed the bits in the configuration but the drop down still doesn't show the places. There are still a bunch of TODOs. Can someone help please? Thank you.

    // configure typeahead
// https://github.com/twitter/typeahead.js/blob/master/doc/jquery_typeahead.md
    autoselect: true,
    highlight: true,
    minLength: 1
    source: search,
    templates: {
        empty: "no places found yet",
        suggestion: _.template("<p><%- place_name %>, <%- admin_name1 %></p>")

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Have you seen this post?

Pset8, modified value of suggestion, still not working

It suggests clearing the browser cache. You can do that with a shift-reload or a ctrl-F5.

  • Yes it worked! Thank you! Commented Nov 26, 2015 at 3:19

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