When I hover over the text box in Mashup the cursor doesn't even change into a typing cursor...

The pset 8 PDF doesn't mention this anywhere. In fact, they refer to it in a sense that makes me think this shouldn't be a problem!

Please help!

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Have you modified the index.html (or is it index.php, i don't remember) or any of the form class or anything else in the html declaration of it? I did not took such error when doing mine. Try to get the original from the distribution code, rename yours for backup, and copy the original to the directory and see if it persists.


You say that the cursor does not change when you "hover over" the text box.

This is the correct behavior. The text box should not gain focus on mouseover or hover, only when the mouse is clicked.

That's why I need to ask (even though it may seem ridiculously obvious) "Have you tried clicking on it?"

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