I have been working on all my cs50 assignments on cs50.io IDE till now expect for pset3. Now for pset7 I am unable to figure how to set up things on the online IDE. Can someone please tell me how to set things up for pset7 and also whether or not it can be done on the online IDE?

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Specific instructions on how to complete within the IDE are available in the appropriate pset document on the website for the actual Harvard CS50 class. Just remember that you started in CS50x, not the on-campus class, so your submission instructions are different. You may need to interpret what needs to be different for us vs. the Harvard campus class.

The IDE instructions are at: https://cs50.harvard.edu/psets

Next year's edX CS50x class (2016) should have the IDE instructions as well, since they will be switching from the appliance/VMware to the cloud based IDE.

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Yes it can be done in the IDE.

You manage the web server with apache50 command. To start the server you might use
apache50 start ~/workspace/pset7/public
(NB make sure pset6 server is not running).

You manage the database server with mysql50 command. You will find your database credentials by clicking little ⓘ icon in the top-right of the IDE (next to the gravatar). You will have to change the creds in constants.php as well.

The web server must be running to access the database with phpMyadmin.

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