0 votes 0 answers 2 views Problemset 1-setting up pset1 directorory in dropbox Problemset 1-setting up pset1 directorory in dropbox When I double clicked icon Home above Appliance 50-19 vmware after downloading VMware player nothing happens. Hence I am not able to set up the directory pset1. How do I setup pset1 folder in dropbox folder


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Ok if I understand you correct you have your dropbox account configured in the CS50 appliance.

Then you should just have to follow the instructions in the problem set and navigate into the dropbox folder, create a new folder (right click; New Folder) and rename it to "pset1" also using right click and Rename.


If that is not what you intended to do it would be good if you could refries your question, since its kind of difficult to understand what your problem is.


As far as I could make out of your question. You are facing difficulty in locating your Dropbox folder or even make any directory inside it.

First you should make sure that your appliance is up to date. You can do this by opening you terminal window and then typing

update 50

This will take time. So be patience while its updating. This way you can bypass any kind of bugs in appliance; and its always good to be on latest version.

Next make sure you have installed Dropbox in your appliance. If not so do it by following these steps.

1. Go to start 50
2. Find Dropbox over there and click on it.

If its not installed, it will do so after taking your permission.

Further, open up your terminal window and type as follows

cd Dropbox

This will change the directory to Dropbox.

Next type this,

mkdir pset1

And this will make a new directory inside Dropbox folder

For detailed instructions you can follow pset1

Good Luck

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