Ok so I haven't enrolled or anything yet, but the course really interests me. I wanted to know if I could use PDO instead of mysql when interacting with the database in PHP? I have a lot of self-taught experience in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and C# already.

I've made a few websites in my time and know how to use PDO very well, I have also used mysql before I migrated to PDO. So, would it be possible for me to do the course and use PDO instead of mysql?


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as you reach , the first pset that you are going to interact with a database in it, you won't have to write your own code to connect with your database. instead, there is a query function provided by the staff that handles that for you. luckily, this function uses PDO underneath the hood. for more information, see functions!

  • Thanks for your answer! However I have a problem and even though it's pretty much irrelevant to the original question, I thought it would be quicker to ask you? So I've accidentally signed up to the course last night when it was pretty late, I thought there would be some sort of indication of when the course starts (Maybe there was but I couldn't and still can't find it). When exactly does the course start? I heard something about it changing on January 1st, so I thought I would start then.
    – ManselD
    Dec 29, 2015 at 2:39
  • @ManselD yes, the next version of the course starts on January 1st, 2016. see Course Info! if the answer above answered your question, you may accept it to mark the question as solved. thanks!
    – kzidane
    Dec 29, 2015 at 5:36

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