I won't finish CS50 in 2015, but I want to in 2016. My VMware license, which I received through this course, expires in few days. Is it legal to get a new 1-year license for CS50 in 2016?


If you don't finish this year, you need to start over in 2016. Nothing submitted will carry over for credit. However, most of the assignments will be the same and you can resubmit your work for them. The psets that have changed will have to be done too.

For 2016, the class will not use VMware. Instead, it is using an online, cloud based Integrated Development Environment or IDE. Because of this, you won't need VMware next year.

So, if you want to save your work, make sure that Dropbox is working, or find a way to copy your material out of the VMware appliance and onto your local hard drive so that you can move anything needed to the IDE later.

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you won't need VMware in 2016 because you are gonna use a new web-based platform called the CS50 IDE. the CS50 IDE is a cloud-based IDE based on Cloud9. see https://cs50.readme.io/!

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