This is the part I don't understand: For research purposes, the CS50 Appliance is designed to log command-line commands (e.g., ls, make hello.c, etc.; the output of programs like clang, check50, gdb, style50, etc.; gdb commands (gdb is a "debugger" that we'll soon see); and source code that you create and/or save inside of the appliance. Those logs are then periodically uploaded to CS50's servers.

Among the course's overarching research goals are to understand better how students code, how students respond to error messages, and how students progress from Week 0 to Week 12. None of the data that's logged is used to compute grades.

The CS50 Appliance does not (and cannot) log any activities or files on your own Mac or PC (outside of the CS50 Appliance). It can only log activity inside of the CS50 Appliance (i.e., inside of its own window). Even so, you may disable the uploading of logs to CS50's servers if you would like to opt out of this research. Simply run no50 in a terminal window to opt out. *

in the form for pset1. Help please? Thanks!!!


It is a security disclaimer. They are explaining to you that:

-they register and save the things that occur within the CS50 Appliance (like the command-line commands or your source code), and that is not used for grading, but for research purposes.

-that they do NOT register the things in your computer outside the Appliance,

-and that if you don't want them to have that information, you can run no50 and they won't register the things you do within the appliance.


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