I'm wondering: Where are the header files - such as stdio.h or cs50.h - located: the ones that we include at the start of almost every source file?

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If you are using the CS50 Appliance and have signed into the default user of jharvard, you will find them in /usr/include


First of all, these are not the libraries! These are known as libraries' header files (aka declaration files). You may have a look at this answer to learn a little bit more about them!

The header files for the C standard library are located in the default include directory. You may reach this directory by opening up the terminal and executing the following commands

cd /usr/include

There you can see the header files for the C standard library. If you want to view one of these header files (e.g., stdio.h) on gedit, you may execute this command while you're in /usr/include/

gedit stdio.h

The cs50 library's header file (i.e., cs50.h) that contains the resources of the cs50 library that are available for you to use exists in the same directory (i.e., /usr/include). You may view it on gedit by executing the following command while you're in the default include directory

gedit cs50.h

Inside /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib

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