First, this question has nothing to do with any current CS50 problem sets...but its related. Thanks for reading it.

I started CS50 online in 2015, with the appliance. After the breakout problem set, I made a different program for personal use that uses the SPL libraries.

It works on the appliance but my VMware license expires in 3 days.

I copied the code over to the new CS50 IDE. I tried compiling it but the fatal error said it couldn't find the SPL header files. 3 of them, gevents, gwindow, and objects.

So I took a guess and downloaded those specific header files and put them in the same folder on the IDE as my program. I then tried compiling again.

Pretty much the same error...

I know I'm overlooking something here but really not sure what to do next.

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I'm afraid there is no way for the SPL to work on the CS50 IDE the same way it works on the appliance. what you can do though is to download VMware's alternative, Oracle's VirtualBox, which is free of charge, import your appliance there, then use it as much as you want.

follow the steps here for specific instructions on how to set things up with VBox!

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