Im new, actually very new to the programming world.

I installed the CS50 IDE OFFLINE following the instructions on https://cs50.readme.io/v2015/docs/offline.

The challenge is that each time, I run the following command: docker run -e "OFFLINE_IP=$(docker-machine ip default)" -e "OFFLINE_PORT=8080" --name cs50ide -d -p 5050:5050 -p 8080:8080 cs50/ide50-offline

under the whale, i get the following response: "Unable to find image cs50/ide-offline:latesr'locally Pulling repository docker.io/cs50/ide50-offline..." AND more things with numbers and reading error pulling image (latest) from docker.io.cs50/ide50-offline

Secondly when I Access the CS50 IDE by loading a web browser and typing the following URL:


Where OFFLINE_IP is the IP address I recorded earlier being

I keep getting the result: Webpage not found.

Please help as I cant seem to understand what im missing out or rather overlooking as Im setting this.

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I have tried another method for installing cs50-ide not from docker-quick-start-terminal but using Kitematic that I had checked while installing Docker Toolbox. After I installed Docker Toolbox:

  • Run Kitematic from start menu. It will take a minute to start docker vm
  • After it successfully opened. Click 'NEW' button on top-left corner and search for 'cs50-ide'
  • As it will cs50 images click 'cs50ide-offline' and press 'CREATE'. It will start downloading CS50 image. As it will finish your cs50ide-offline will be ready to use from web browser.

To know which IP you should use to run cs50-ide-offline. Click on ide50-offline on left and choose Home tab and then click on setting icon which will look-like a wheel. You'll see web-access IP here. If you are not able to run from browser try change port here. I hope it will work.enter image description here

  • Everything's fine till what has been explained above, but how do I get my work space offline? Also, Docker Quickstart Terminal is saying that there is no container named cs50ide. How shall I deal with these? Dec 4, 2016 at 10:40
  • I'm having the same problem. Have you found a solution? Thanks! Feb 19, 2017 at 16:51

I Ran into same problem and found a way to open cs50 offline IDE...... With docker installation,kitematic(alpha) will be installed ,open that,you will find cs50 IDE stopped -restart it ,Now go to browser and open link http://OFFLINE_IP:5050 PEACE!!


I had the same problem trying to run the ip address in the browser like the instructions said in the course material. My issue turned out to be the actual browser. Once I downloaded a firefox browser and entered the offline ip info in there I had no issues. It didnt seem to work though using other browsers like microsoft edge ect. Hope that helps someone. :)


I had the same problem trying to run the ip address in the browser like the instructions said in the course material. But writing ide.html then Working...

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