I will be grateful for help on the part of recognizing the person.

1) Am I right assuming that if I have removed red pixels and thus revealed

underlying picture, then I am done with the code, even though the picture

is completely blurred, I can rather vaguely see the guy?

2) If 1 is correct, then, please, help me to find the person - it took me a very

long time searching for him. I have read a few same posts here, some answers

say to check week 2 pset, etc. Well, I am doing 2016 part of the course, and

I have watched this year's videos, and also last years videos up till week 4 inclusive, and

the guy is nowhere to be seen.

I beg for mercy and a helpful hint! )

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As long as you can recognize a human face in the image, you're fine.

If you don't recognize who the particular face belongs to, recall that in Problem Set 2, after correctly implementing your Caesar cipher, there was a URL that could be decoded. If you don't remember, here is the encrypted link from the Problem Set 2 HTML form.


If you go back to your Caesar cipher from pset2 and use the correct key, you will eventually find the link. Once you've done that, copy & paste into your browser and you've got your man!

Hope I helped! ;)

  • thank you so much! I was truly laughing out loud when I saw this oldie - my golden teen years ))) Also I am not sure I understood the method of finding the key, though I did name the correct one at the first go (for obvious reasons and hints from pset itself).
    – Vitale
    Jan 26, 2016 at 15:52
  • Glad you were successful :)
    – Alif Munim
    Jan 28, 2016 at 18:13

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