Can someone please tell me is this code for the won function works ? And if not , why?

   int counter=0;
for(int line=1; line<=d;line++)
    for(int column=1;column<=d;column++)
          counter ++;  
if(counter==(d-1) && board[d][d]==0)
    return true;
return false;


Thank you a lot


There are several issues. First, the coordinates for board[][] start at [0][0], not [1][1], so you are not processing the top row or the left column. Similarly, by checking <=d, you're looking at invalid array locations off the right side of the board or below the bottom row when line or column actually equals d. Remember, an array with n elements in a dimension runs from 0 to n-1, not 1 to n.

After that, both checks in the final if statement are bad. counter can max out at (d*d)-1 and the limits on the board array are both d-1, not d. There may be other issues, but these are significant enough.

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