I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which is running Windows 10. I get an error message when I try to download the software I need to learn to program in "C." From some of what I have read, I am not sure that C is compatible with a computer using WIndows 10 as its operating system. If not, is there someplace on the Internet where I can try to program in C?

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You should have no problem programming in c on win 10, once you set up your environment. Problems with a download are generally unrelated to the content of the files being downloaded - the computer generally doesn't even know or care what the content is during the download process. It sounds more like an issue with the downloading itself. What is the error message?

It is possible that if you're downloading from a website, it might be detecting your OS and killing the download because it knows that your OS isn't compatible with the particular package that you're downloading, but that's just a possibility/guess.

Having said that, certain IDEs may not be compatible with your environment, but I'm sure there are IDEs that will run on a Surface 3/Win 10 combination.

As for where you can code, if you're taking CS50X, the IDE is internet based and hosted in the cloud. All you'll need is a browser. You could also look into their offerings for going beyond this class.

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