I'm new on this, and TOTALLY new to the world of programming

I'm trying to download VMware Fusion and I'm using a Macbook Pro.

I'm taking this course online through edX.

I've emailed the centre and they have replied with instructions, however, they don't seem to comply with what is actually going on! After downloading VMware Fusion, I double click the icon in my downloads folder. At first the instructions say "A window should open. Drag the VMware Fusion (or VMware Fusion.app) icon in that window to your Applications folder." However, I don't see this window. All I see is a window with the VMware icon, telling me to double click it to install! Here is a screenshot where it's telling to to simply double click and not drag or anything.

Next, I downloaded appliance 50-19 vmware.ova, that's in my downloads folder:

appliance in my downloads folder

Next the online instructions say to open VMware by clicking on the icon in the applications folder. I see that it has already mounted itself onto my desktop bar, so after double clicking on it, I see this screen.

The instructions online say:

Next, launch VMware Fusion, as by double-clicking its icon, which should be in your Applications folder. If prompted with a Software License Agreement, click Agree. If prompted to provide a license, select the 30-day trial instead. If prompted to Create New, Convert VM, or Migrate PC, simply click Skip.

I haven't actually been faced with any of these options so am worried why it's so strange on my laptop. I have not needed to use the serial number given to me via email by cs50 bot.

Clearly, I have no idea how to proceed from here or what to do! If I click play on the screen I get this:

After pressing play

Going into FileImport I can't select the appliance, it's faded grey.

Help and guidance on this would be so greatly appreciated, I am having a crisis!

  • So did you actually install VMWare Fusion by double-clicking it as it says? Your next screenshots show you running OSX Utility, which is a different program and unrelated.
    – curiouskiwi
    Jul 5, 2014 at 20:58
  • 1
    The VirtualBox version works perfectly. If cannot find a solution for VMWare, that may be a usable alternative.
    – user1705
    Jul 6, 2014 at 16:19

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When you get to the first screen with the VMWare icon saying double-click to install, if double-clicking it creates no further action, you should try the following:

  1. Open Finder
    1. Navigate to your applications folder. It should be in the left nav bar in finder. If not, you can do a Spotlight search for it in the top right hand corner of your OSX menu bar
    2. Drag and drop the VMWare icon from your first picture above INTO the finder applications folder
    3. Now, in the applications folder, double click the VMWare program you just dragged and dropped
    4. A warning may appear saying something like "are you sure you want to run this application downloaded from the internet?" Click Yes.
    5. You should then be able to follow the rest of the steps.

The icon you think is VMWare in the applications bar is not VMWare, it looks like it's a link to OSX Utilities.

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