![CS50-ide Can't find ⓘ icon toward CS50 IDE’s topright corner]1

  • Thanks! It works now!
    – Elaine
    Mar 9, 2016 at 10:49

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This can happen if the info50 script is missing from /usr/bin.* You can execute password50 from a command line to get your mysql password (and similarly, username50).

*The footnote is much longer than the answer. I could reproduce this by creating a new workspace using the CS50 template. After running update50, the log ($HOME/lib/ide50.log) reports Reinstallation of ide50 is not possible, it cannot be downloaded. I also found that apache50 start.... reports the wrong hostname. It says Your site is now available at https://ide50-username.c9users.iocs50.io The site is really available at https://ide50-username.cs50.io This seems to be a problem with hostname50.

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