I will be grateful for the help. I am watching lecture7. I have saved hello.html, and started the apache50, did all steps described in the lecture; but when I tried to access either https://ide50-myname.cs50.io/ or https://ide50-myname.cs50.io/hello.html from another browser, the Chrome, it demanded my login details for cs50.io. I understand that it's fine, because my files are stored there, but I didn't understand how can hello.html be accessed from the web, if it is saved on my server and only a person with my login details can enter it. Thank you!

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If your workspace is public, it is accessible to anyone on the web without your login details. You can see the setting in CS50IDE -> Go To Your Dashboard.

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I reserve the right to change/delete my answer if you discover that your workspace is public. Further, by no means am I suggesting that your workspace should be public. I believe it should be private.

  • thank you for your answer
    – Vitale
    Apr 13, 2016 at 16:25

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