My server.c works perfectly except for .php files. It displays the PHP correctly but is infinitely loading. The code for my load function is: bool load(FILE* file, BYTE** content, size_t* length) {

unsigned int sz;
fseek(file, 0L, SEEK_END);
sz = ftell(file);
char* filebuffer = malloc(sz);
fread(filebuffer, sz, 1, file);
*content = filebuffer;
*length = sz;

When I have a php file, sz becomes -1. Any ideas why? For all other filetpyes it works perfectly.


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See the section on "interpret" (around page 8) of the instructions.

Odds are you’re unfamiliar with popen. That function opens a "pipe" to a process (php-cgi in our case), which provides us with a FILE pointer via which we can read that process’s standard output (as though it were an actual file).

You cannot use ftell or fseek on a pipe. This post is an interesting discussion on the topic. (And this post too!)

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