I'm just returning to Edx after a hiatus. I tried to pick up where I left off in CS50x and am finding that the course I was registered for ended two days ago. I thought it was open until the end of 2016. Can someone please explain? There's another EdX course open which is listed as "started 2015" but says "This is CS50x 2016" when I register and enter it.

I also remember answering questions through the EdX platform for week 0. Is the option to do those questions gone?


The course for the Honor Code Certificate ended on May 1, 2016, but I believe the course for the Verified Certificate ends on Dec 31, 2016.

You should be able to email the CS50 staff at: heads@cs50.harvard.edu to find out more information.

Hope this helps!


You should wait just a month to get the updated CS50 till the next year ... the updated one!

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