I installed the docker app and when I ran it for the first time during setup it gave an error of VTX-AMD not enabled from the bios...what should I do?

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OK, first of all, am assuming you're using windows. Sooo, first of all VTX-AMD is just some stuff about your computer being able to run a virtual machine. So we have to first check this, Go to start, type in task manager, then go to Performance and look for Virtualization. If your system is capable, then most likely you'll see something like 'disabled'. If you can't find it, your system ain't capable, tough luck. So assuming you found it, reboot your computer but press F2(or whatever you system hotkey is for setup/BIOS) while it's still on that initial screen, then look through the several menus, normally 'Configuration' till you find Intel Virtualization Technology or something like that, then follow the instructions below the screen to change 'disabled' to 'enabled'. Exit and when you start up again, try reinstalling and it should work.....Good Luck.

  • couldn't find any....I guess tough luck for me...would have to use the online version then May 8 '16 at 2:10

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