In "whodunit", I've successfully removed the red spots and the verdict.bmp reveals the face of a person in multiple shades of blue.

My question is am I expected to further "enhance" the image by converting the blue dots to something else?

I'm unable to recognize the person in the current bmp file and I cannot recall seeing him till now. Is he a staff member?

Thanks in advance.

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I have the same problem. After removing the 0xff red pixels I tried changing all remaining colored (all non-blank) pixels to black but that was definitely worse. Maybe that was going overboard. My next idea is to double the intensity of any non-whites.

  • The PSET description page has the following lines: So long as Mr. Boddy’s drawing is identifiable (by you), no matter its legibility . I think we are only required to remove the red dots. But still, I don't recall seeing the person in the picture anywhere. Can you?
    – ABor
    May 9, 2016 at 3:35

There are many ways to enhance the image. I believe just removing the red noise is enough; however, you need to enhance it more if you can't recognize the features of his face. And no, he is not one of the staff, but he was mentioned several times during the course maybe that will help you a little

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